Barcode Label Wrong with CN5.75

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Dave Poulin
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Barcode Label Wrong with CN5.75

Postby Dave Poulin » Thu, Jul 11 2013, 12:11PM

Hey guys,
installed CN5.75 yesterday, and this morning nested a job and all barcode label for offcuts were showing a -1 as the number. Now the offcut are numbered properly and showing up in the added sheets correctly. just not printing the barcode properly.

Problem got resolved by reverting back to CN5.74. Dont know if anyone of you guys encountered that problem. Included a .PDF showing the problems

thermwood labels.pdf
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David Poulin
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Marcel Thibodeau
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Re: Barcode Label Wrong with CN5.75

Postby Marcel Thibodeau » Sat, Jan 11 2014, 2:34PM

Having the same issue here.

Isn't there a fix that doesn't involve reverting back to a previous version.

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Barcode Label Wrong with CN5.75

Postby Brad McIntosh » Mon, Jan 13 2014, 9:14AM


It appears that an issue with Offfall (off-cut) labels and a missing barcode was resolved, amongst a couple of other changes/fixes, in Control Nesting version 5.76 that was released last September.

  • Offfall barcode missing on labels. (FIXED)

The latest version of Control Nesting is 5.77 and it was released in November 0f 2013.

Please check the COntrol Nesting Updates page to review all the recent changes and to download the latest version.

Control Nesting Updates

Hope this helps...

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