Weird problem w/ control updates and outline method

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Daniel Odom
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Weird problem w/ control updates and outline method

Postby Daniel Odom » Fri, Jul 24 2015, 10:52AM

Just wondering if this is a glitch or just how outlines are handled in the latest control nesting version; but it seems that from control nesting 5.79 and on-wards I'm having issues with cutting through outlines without the code leaving a thick onion skin that is cut as a separate set of operations. I've fiddled with every setting and nothing seems to work around this (climb, conventional, climb w/ finish, conventional w/ finish); no matter what option I use it still outputs a separate last pass and wastes a lot of time with unnecessary rapid moves to make all the finish passes. The parts still come out right after all of that is done but for now I'm stuck on using 5.78 b/c this problem is just too irritating. I tried messing with the double pass settings, ignore groups, etc but it still does the same thing until I un-install the update and revert back to 5.78.

In summary, I can't disable final pass onion skinning method with latest updates, machine does all of these passes separately.

Is there a work-around or something I'm missing?

Running a CS45, windows xp, thm v7

Marcel Thibodeau
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Re: Weird problem w/ control updates and outline method

Postby Marcel Thibodeau » Thu, Oct 08 2015, 1:16PM

isn't there an option to change the part size required for the second pass? what if you changed that to zero. just a thought

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