Blum Space Corner

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George Lekkas
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Blum Space Corner

Postby George Lekkas » Sat, Oct 10 2015, 8:58PM

Hi Guys,
We finaly have our new machine up and running - MTR21, yes the 'first' Thermwood in Melbourne Australia.

I was hoping that someone might have a design for a Blum Space Corner that they might share. Any help to reduce the level of the learning curve, would be very much, appreciated.

I must say, Thermwood customer service has been incredible, both here in Australia and in the US.

Mark McCallum
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Re: Blum Space Corner

Postby Mark McCallum » Thu, Oct 15 2015, 5:49AM

Hi George.
Congratulations on the MTR 21.

Not sure if its any help but here is an old thread on the space corner

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