Another inexplicable problem

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Another inexplicable problem

Postby Donald Thomson » Mon, Jun 12 2017, 7:47PM

I am getting the attached error message dialog when I try to go from drawer editor to main. As you can see in the 2nd picture, there are NO locks in the cabinet. There used to be locks but I deleted them. This problem sprung up when I try to have a vertical lock in the center top opening. I locked the height to 6". I then selected the large opening below it because I wanted to lock the width to 24". When I would leave faceframe editor, I would get the lock error dialog message attached. So I deleted the locks. I thought all was good so I went to drawer box editor to add just drawer faces so I could see how the setup looked. Well, no eCabs seems to be very confused about locks because ti won't allow me to add the drawer faces and then go back to main with the the attached error dialog. It then deletes all my drawer faces and I end up in main with NO drawer faces. I've attached the cabinet file. :wall:

Can someone please tell me how I can correct this without having to start all over, wasting a bunch of time? All I can think of is that somehow eCabs corrupted the parameters for this cabinet. Thank you in advance!
Large 92 inch master bath vanity.hsf
(1.36 MiB) Downloaded 275 times
Error message
Untitled 2.jpg
Screen shot of cabinet with NO opening locks

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