Room designer wall height

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Donald Thomson
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Room designer wall height

Postby Donald Thomson » Fri, Jun 30 2017, 4:12PM

I have been working in the room designer and I think I might have found something that is not working as expected or is working as expected. Not sure. Hoping someone can clarify for me.

When I select a wall in room designer, there is a field in the "Add Wall Parameters" that displays the height of the wall. It displayed 102". I changed it to 108". It now displays 108". I went to rotate the room and the wall height hadn't come up to 108". I selected the wall and hit the "D" key. Changed the height to 108" there, went back to the room and the wall was changed to 108".

Is the field on the room designer page that displays the wall height not a place to actually change the wall height? Do you have to hit "D" to change the height of a wall? Just want to make sure I understand the operation.

Thank you.

Don Thomson
Diamond Lake Custom Woodworks, LLC
Newport, WA

Carmen Addamo
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Re: Room designer wall height

Postby Carmen Addamo » Mon, Jul 03 2017, 5:12AM

Donald, you are correct. Wall heights are changed in the wall edit "D" area. When you change the wall height on the main room layout page it only affects future walls to be built.

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