Issue updating to 6.2.1

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Scott Marshburn
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Issue updating to 6.2.1

Postby Scott Marshburn » Wed, Apr 11 2018, 10:26AM

When I try to update to the latest version(6.2.1) I keep getting this error.
Error Screen Shot.jpg

Carmen Addamo
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Re: Issue updating to 6.2.1

Postby Carmen Addamo » Sat, Apr 14 2018, 6:36AM

Scott I had no issues updating. You could try turning off your firewall.

David Giesbrecht
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Re: Issue updating to 6.2.1

Postby David Giesbrecht » Wed, May 09 2018, 3:55PM

Hi Scott, with your expertise I am sure you thought of these...

-Is your existing file path over a network?
-Also with previous versions of Window I occasionally would run into it were I need to "unblock" a downloaded file under file properties...
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Denis L'Heureux
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Re: Issue updating to 6.2.1

Postby Denis L'Heureux » Fri, May 18 2018, 9:29AM

Try and run the executable as administrator.

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