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Kerry Fullington
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Custom Layout

Postby Kerry Fullington » Tue, Sep 24 2019, 2:57PM

In Custom Layout, we draw multiple rooms on one screen.


If we zoom in to an area on the screen and draw a new wall, when you enter the length of the wall and hit enter to accept the entry, the screen zooms back out like you hit the Home Key.

I would like to be able to zoom in, draw all walls and not zoom out unless I Home the screen.

tim lucas
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Re: Custom Layout

Postby tim lucas » Wed, Sep 25 2019, 6:26AM

I second this request
Tim Lucas Custom Woodworks LLC

David Egnoski
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Re: Custom Layout

Postby David Egnoski » Wed, Sep 25 2019, 7:01AM

I third this request.
Dave Egnoski
Richmond Cabinet & Millwork

Clint Buechlein
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Re: Custom Layout

Postby Clint Buechlein » Thu, Sep 26 2019, 11:13AM

I fourth this request!

Oh wait, its our fault. Should be fixed in the next release :D


Tommy Wieler
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Re: Custom Layout

Postby Tommy Wieler » Thu, Sep 26 2019, 11:24AM

I would fifth this request, but it already got the attention of those on the ecabinets thrones, so I maintain silence :wink:
Customer service at it's best! Love the support Thermwood provides!

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Scott Marshburn
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Re: Custom Layout

Postby Scott Marshburn » Mon, Sep 30 2019, 5:46PM

Clint Buechlein wrote:I fourth this request!

Oh wait, its our fault. Should be fixed in the next release :D


While you are at it, would it be possible to allow us to select the individual rooms and send them to the LDE? or do we already have this capability?

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