importing a DXF File

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Chris B Campbell
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importing a DXF File

Postby Chris B Campbell » Thu, Mar 05 2020, 6:51PM

Hey All,
I use Bobcad quite a bit. Normally I just use it as a stand alone and cut whatever I need. I was searching through my E Cabinets program and I do not see any way to import a DXF file into E Cabs so I could include it into a batch file with other parts of the same material... Possible??


Stuart Douglas
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Re: importing a DXF File

Postby Stuart Douglas » Fri, Mar 06 2020, 7:14AM

More than one way to skin a cat, but here is one way I know of:

Create a display panel of appropriate material and overall size.
Take panel to the part editor and click on the contour button in the toolbar.
Load your dxf file into the contour editor. Use the dxf vectors to define operations on your part as normal.
Review and save using the toolbar buttons, then add the panel to your list.

Not sure which machine you are operating, but Control Nesting on Thermwood machines can load a properly formatted (layers) DXF right into a nest. I do this all the time when nesting smaller parts or jobs of like materials. There is an ADD DXF dialog box in the Control Nesting user interface.

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