MDF shaker doors

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Forrest Chapman
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MDF shaker doors

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sat, Jul 11 2020, 1:40PM

Sure would be nice to have the ability to save part edited doors to a library so they can be changed out at a global level. I've only been asking for at least 10 years and seeing how quite a few others on here do that kind of door I would think it would be a higher priority.


Joe Soto
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Re: MDF shaker doors

Postby Joe Soto » Mon, Jul 13 2020, 9:35AM

I agree. i'm cutting 8 sheets of shaker doors right now. The way I handle them is, I created a library of "backs" with all the different options, single, double panel, finish end panels, drawer fronts ect. I get export the cutlist from the job to excel, rework the doordrawerfront listing. Change the headers, move the info to the correct columns. Save as a new .xls file and import it back into ecabs as a batch. Its a lot of steps since all the info is already there but gets it done.

Mark McCallum
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Re: MDF shaker doors

Postby Mark McCallum » Tue, Jul 14 2020, 6:32AM

The way we handle them was to make a library of cabinets with MDF doors, add pockets and constrain them in the part and node editor.
So there are 10 or so basic cabinet variations.
The cabinets are resizable.
For panels we use an end, so if you place it in a room it aligns to the back, but often we use assemblies.
If we need doors only but with hinge holes, we phantom part what we don't need, but yeah, you need to remember hinge, open side and top reveals.
You can adjust hinge hole positioning, change handle holes, and drawer runner drilling patterns without loosing the constraints.
Drawer boxes need different units for each style because you loose constraints when the drawer fronts are re-applied.

We also have done country V groove, and constrain the cabinets to say 600mm to 850mm 2 door so the grooves remain even.
You dont need as many cabinets as you might first imagine.
I found it easier to start with the widest cabinets, set the formulas, then take off pockets and constraints as you work down.

But yes, its not the same as being able to flip out one MDF door design for another one when a customer wants to see what their kitchen looks like with another type of door on it.
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