Version 6 install location?

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Dale Wills
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Version 6 install location?

Postby Dale Wills » Sun, Feb 07 2010, 12:20AM

Can somewhere please explain to me why V6 eCabinets has been installed in a new location to the previous install. When I was installing it I was never given an option as to where to install it and figured it would install straight over the top of the old version. Now it appears I have a double up of install locations. I am also missing material images and can't find where they are saved in the new install location. Any help much appreciated.

Glenn Warner
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Re: Version 6 install location?

Postby Glenn Warner » Sun, Feb 07 2010, 9:53AM

The main program should be in the same place, but the user files (cabs, jobs,etc) are put under user data. Materials are in program data/thermwood/ecabinetsystems. You can see where the user data is stored in the settings/preferences dialog and can change it to a location of your choosing.

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Kerry Fullington
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Re: Version 6 install location?

Postby Kerry Fullington » Sun, Feb 07 2010, 10:18AM


I think the new installation procedure was to deal with the security features found in Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. When Microsoft changes something everyone else must make adjustments.


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Peter Walsh
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Re: Version 6 install location?

Postby Peter Walsh » Sun, Feb 07 2010, 2:45PM

Kerry's message refers to an after-the-fact cleanup after V6 has placed files in a spot you don't want. Upgrade messages do not offer you the option of advising where you want your User data files to be placed. This makes a messy install/upgrade. I now have to move files after the fact.

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