Cabinet Divider

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Steven E Shmucker
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Cabinet Divider

Postby Steven E Shmucker » Fri, Aug 06 2010, 9:15AM

Hi everyone. we are new to E-cab and are going to have a string of simple questions. We designed a simple carcass and at the moment we need to install a divider/partitioner down the middle parallel to the sides with dados in the top and deck. Hopefully we will learn answers to other hold ups having the question answered. Thanks much

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Re: Cabinet Divider

Postby JohnLashuay » Fri, Aug 06 2010, 9:37AM


Take your cabinet to the Shelf/Partition editor

go to the construction settings (click button or right-click -> construction settings)

Partition Tab -> Top & Bottom settings change to Blind dado -> ok

highlight the opening, then click "add partition"

Have you used the video tutorials? I think this process is shown there.

Hope this helps!
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Donald Thomson
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Re: Cabinet Divider

Postby Donald Thomson » Fri, Aug 06 2010, 10:48AM


Welcome to eCabs. It's a powerful piece of software supported by a great group of folks here.

I would recommend signing up for the video training that Thermwood has made available. It goes in to all these details about how to build cabinets and more. You can also get the training manual "Almost Complete Guide to eCabinets" from Thermwood and this covers even more detail. They are two excellent training resources that will get you up and running very quickly.

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