Lazy Susan Cabinet Setup

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Lazy Susan Cabinet Setup

Postby Mike Slowik » Tue, Mar 15 2011, 12:07PM

Alright, been trying to get up and running by spending my third 12 hour day seated in front of the computer watching videos and searching the forumns but I'm burning out now so I'm gonna need some help.
I'm trying to develop a base lazy susan but I'm running into some problems.
I build frameless, and the doors are balanced but the seed cabinet I am building with seems to have a formula built in so that no matter what I do the second door is resized automatically 3/4" less wide than the first door once I leave the Door/Drawer Editor.Where is this happening?
I have found the way to cheat by using Display Panel to add a 3/4" thick middle there a way to flag the 1/4" middle to not show up in cutlists? I want to be able to generate a cutlist and not have to remember to go in and delete phantom parts. Is it better to delete the whole back and make display panels for all three back pieces? If I do that, is there any way to rename them without having to go in and manually look up parts and rename them?

Mike S.

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