5 pc door question

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5 pc door question

Postby Ray Jorgensen » Sat, Jul 30 2011, 3:18PM

I have cut hundreds of doors with the 5 piece setupwith no real gripes except - MATCHING UP PARTS!!!

The only way I have found to match them up is look at the door size on each lable. Which with 5 pieces for every door can take forever!!

Door numbers don't make any sense!

Seems to me that just having the cabinet # on each lable would make the process simple.

How do others that have the 5 pc door setup handle this?

My next job is 55 doors - with 5 part per - that's 275 parts to lay out and try to sort out - a real pain in the a--!!

If I'm missing some logic that was used by the programers Id' sure appreciate some input to save time.


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