Angled front corner cabinet doors and hardware

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Angled front corner cabinet doors and hardware

Postby Brent Brown » Fri, Feb 02 2007, 9:25AM

I have built the angled front corner cabinets a few times and each time a different method was used for various reasons. I like the beveled 12 3/4\" sides that e-cabs uses. The time I used them I was very uncomfortable with the design. I ended up placing a 1.5\" filler to the hinged side of the cabinet to allow the door space to open without impacting the door on the adjacent cabinet (placed it here since this was wall-to-wall and needed a scribe anyhow). I think this should have been overcome with proper door sizing to obtain the proper clearance between the angled door and the adjacent cabinet. I have some questions that I hope you guys can answer to help me make angled corner cabinets without frustration.

- I use Salice +45° hinges with my standard 12\" sides. What do you use when you bevel the sides? (need to clear the extra 3/4\" that sticks out)

- How do I determine the correct door width within the program? It is not clear to me weather or not e-cabs reveal settings affect door size differently for corner cabinets. For example, in the Blum catalog the reveal for an angled corner cabinet is not the reveal between the door and the outside edge of the side, it is instead the desired gap between the door of the angled corner cabinet and the door of the adjacent cabinet and is measured between perpendiculars from the cabinet sides. I normally use 1/16\" reveal on left and right of the door on a standard cabinet. What should I use as the reveal for the door on an angled front cabinet to ensure I clear the adjacent door?

Thank you.

Brent Brown

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