What a Newbie move... Sorry

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What a Newbie move... Sorry

Postby Lorin Holzbauer » Thu, Feb 22 2007, 2:58PM

Seems I combined a poll with a request for information, here is the post without the poll... DOH.

I've been trying to use the Drawing Editor to create a dimensioned floor plan. The issue I'm running into is that after I've placed a number of dimensions, zooming in and out repeatedly during this process, my dimension text shifts to and remains at a very small font size. This seems to \"stick\" in that after the job is saved and reopened the font size of the dimensions are still very small when the drawing is viewed.

Also I'd like to ask, \"Does everyone else find using the drawing editor frustrating, or is my frustration due to my lack of experience using the tool?\" I'm an accomplished user of AutoCAD, and I find using this editor rather frustrating at times. Is there a way to export to any AutoCAD recognizable format?

I don't mean to beat anyone up, or start a rain of flames, and I do consider the price, and I think the rest of the application is very well done. I'm just wondering what other users opinions are in respect to the Drawing Editor.

Thanks in advance,

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