Created material file

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Francis Gaudreau
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Created material file

Postby Francis Gaudreau » Tue, Apr 03 2007, 11:39AM

Could someone tell me, where the sheet stock and band stock file are located?
I'm trying to find them to be able to copy them from my computer and to copy them to my assistant's station (which we had to reboot due to virus).
I know there is a way to copy them, just can't remember the name of the file or what the extension of the file is.
Thanks for your help.
Francis Gaudreau
Montreal, Qc

Pete Riddle

Postby Pete Riddle » Tue, Apr 03 2007, 12:34PM


The files you are looking for are eCabinets.ini which will contain your settings and ECabinets.mdb which will contain your materials. Both are located in the C:\\Program Files\\Thermwood\\ eCabinets Systems folder.

Make sure you have the eCabinets software closed before replacing these files.

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Larry Epplin
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Postby Larry Epplin » Tue, Apr 03 2007, 2:13PM

I highly recommend using the Backup functionality for this task. Simply copying the 2 files will not give good results.

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