Is anyone using a Dual table/Dual head with Control Nesting

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Is anyone using a Dual table/Dual head with Control Nesting

Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Tue, Sep 25 2007, 2:26PM

Just wondering if anyone is using the Dual table or Dual head option on Control nesting with an Ecab job. I am in the process of upgrading our C42 to have an ATC plate on the back of each table so we can have 4 tools per head with 2 drills per head also. Our tables are 5 x 5 and we usually run them (G26YV) pendulum with both heads running (G61ZW). Therefore our material will have to be limited to a 30\"x 60\" area.

I am not looking to run big kitchen cabinet jobs on this CNC, that's what the C40 is for, but want to take Ecab to the Mass production level. Design one project with blind dado, puzzle, KD fittings or full dado and be able to make 100's of them without having to make a dedicated spoilboard for each design. Thank you and I look forward to your input,
Michael Kowalczyk, GM

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