Newbie questions

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Newbie questions

Postby Dion Phillips » Mon, May 12 2008, 10:25PM


I am very new to eCabs and I'm hoping these are easy questions for all you experts out there.

1. When I add a door (1m wide) to a wall and insert an image, the image is stretched vertically but tiled horizontally. This does not look very good as the customers don't have three garden tables next to each other :D . What setting am I missing or does the image need to be a certain size to avoid this happening?

2. When designing a kitchen, I had a situation where eCabs asked whether I wanted the cabinet adjusted for fit into the space remaining. I clicked yes but then the software complained that the new door size was not possible and the cabinet disappeared. The issue I then have is that although I cannot see the cabinet, there seems to be an invisible object left behind and any attempt to add another cabinet in that space fails.

3. I designed a kitchen that had walls on three sides and a number of walls jutting out. Everything worked fine until I tried to go to the "Line Draw Editor". eCabs keeps crashing and any attempt to reload that design and go to the "Line Draw Editor" will cause an immediate crash of eCabs.

4. Last question :D . There are some really nice designs being shared on the "Customer 3D files" forum and I was wondering how those are being created. (With eCabs or seperate software package?). If it is done with eCabs, is there a tutorial or good writeup on how to get started wih designed?

Thanks in advance

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