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John J. Desmond
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Program Sharing

Postby John J. Desmond » Sun, Jan 03 2021, 2:44PM

Is it possible for two people to share, or open and change, eCabinet files. Basically have the ability for two people to have access to any design file with full access to change it like in Google docs or Google files? I guess I am asking if it is possible for two people on separate computers to work on and edit a saved file on either computer?
John Desmond

Michael Hendershot
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Re: Program Sharing

Postby Michael Hendershot » Wed, Dec 07 2022, 3:46PM

I have been looking for an answer to this very question recently.
Have you (or anyone) found a desireable solution to this problem?
Only way I can see to do it is save and share files but that seems laborious and inefficient.

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Program Sharing

Postby Brad McIntosh » Thu, Dec 08 2022, 11:16AM


The "Lounge" is probably not the best place to post an inquiry such as this. The forum is for "Off-topic discussion that doesn't pertain to the other forums."

You may get a better response by posting under the eCabinet Systems Software forum.

Alternatively, send your question to
Brad McIntosh
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