How would one build this wall cabinet

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How would one build this wall cabinet

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It is a cabinet that sits on a countertop and works as sort of a half-pantry. See the pictures.

A carcase with a raised bottom deck, a center divider, and a a small inset front stile at bottom, is outfitted with a pullout set of shelves which are attached to the backside of the door with Hafele Rafix fasteners or something same, and outfitted with the Fulterer slide top and bottom at each side as shown in the catalog cut page attached.

The edges of each shelf are fitted with Hafele shelf rails, which press-fit into 5mm holes in the shelves. That part is just part editing, to get the holes.

Do you build two cabinets, one being the outer carcase, and built without door or drawers, its top and deck part-edited to have the holes for the Fulterer slide mounts?

And then the pullout as a second cabinet, with appropriate door overlays, no cabinet sides, the parts all again part-edited to get the holes for the shelf rails? Will the software do the door-cab interface so as to get the Rafix cuts?''

The render was done in Chief Architect.
2021-08-30 12_00_51-Chief Architect Premier X13.png
2021-08-30 11_41_54-Fulterer FR775 Full Extension Slide 450MM (18_), for 59 Inch Pantry Pullout Heig.png
2021-08-30 11_26_39-Pantry cabinet - SketchUp Make 2017.png
2021-08-30 11_25_55-Pantry cabinet - SketchUp Make 2017.png
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