Profile modeler, new interface and settings

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Profile modeler, new interface and settings

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Hi Guys.
Clint has given me permission to post this email conversation regarding the profile modeler.
His insights could be useful to other users.

Following on from my previous email.
If we use carbide profile bits.
And did a whole kitchen and we nested it . Would we have to pick out every door and select the tool for every zone?
Or would we be able to set the first door / zones and because it’s the same job and profile tool configuration, would it latch those settings onto all the other doors?
I did notice some sort associativity, but like I say I am just starting to get my head around this.
Any advice appreciated
Thanking you

For clarity, Clint's first response in black.
My questions in blue.
Clint clarifications in red

Can I post this to the forum as elucidated by Clint so that your time can be put to good use the forum can benefit as well? Yes that is fine.

As long as all the doors are the same ones, (so by "same ones" you mean the same material? Or the same profiling? ) Same style and material. It is just like having Tooling or Settings by material group. The settings for how Control Nesting handles profiles can be set on a per material basis in groups. you can associate tools or profile groups to specific regions.

On the Profiling tab, at the top is to set the default Tool Group and Custom Tool. You can choose the bullet to tell Control Nesting which one to use for all the regions. If you want a different Custom Tool (shaper bit) (by “shaper bit” are you referring to a off the shelf, solid carbide profile tool and not a modelled profile) Correct Tool Group for different regions, in the lower section you pick a region number, then pick if it is Tool Group or Custom Tool, and set it accordingly. Below is an example of a door I did for a customer.

Region numbers are assigned in the order you sweep them. First profile swept is Region 1, second profile swept is Region 2, etc.

Region 1 was the outside profile. It is set to model with the tool group 1in MDF Curved Edge.
Region 2 was the shaper tool swept for the stiles and rails. It was set to use the custom shaper tool.
Region 3 was a sweep at the top of the shaper bit to clean the corners from the flat of the tool. It was set to use the 1/8" endmill as a custom tool.

The Default section at the top of the dialog will only be used if there are more than three regions. The first three are assigned specifics outside the defaults. In this case, any part that is loaded and has profiles, the first three regions would be cut the same way as the door.
(Sorry I don’t understand this “the first three regions would be cut the same way as the door”) For example, if I have a filler panel that has a beaded profile on it, five beads swept separately in Part Editor. If that filler panel is the same material I have set for my doors, Region 1 would use the 1in MDF Curved Edge modeling group for the first bead, tool #2 on the second bead, tool #9 on the third bead, and the 1in MDF Curved Edge modeling tools for the fourth and fifth bead. Regions 4 and 5 were not defined in the Default by Region section so Use Tool Group at the top is being used.

These region setups can be done on a per group basis, so for this customer, they have several door styles. Each door was made with a different material so it could be in a different group to obey different profiling tool setups. This alleviates them having to go in to change tooling setups for different doors.
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