Observation on removing part editor cuts from entire cabinet

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Observation on removing part editor cuts from entire cabinet

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I have just noticed that removing part editor cuts from entire cabinet also removes the part editor cuts from the selected drawer boxes as well.
Yeah. I know its says entire cabinet, but I don't understand entire very well. :(
Sometimes when designing the cabinets for a job I will do all the settings and set the drawer boxes and runners to suit.

I often use a seed cabinet and Sometimes there are part editor cuts, sometimes I have just been resetting the cabinet to clean out its cache or little gremlins.
So finish one cabinet with doors.
Start designing the next cabinet.
Do a reset , remove part editor cuts from entire cabinet.
Go into the door drawer editor. Add drawer with pre-selected drawer box.
Until just now I wasn't aware it was also removing the part editor cuts to the designated drawer box.

So you can pick out a unit that you may have reset a month ago with some doors on it, see that it has the correct drawer box but the PE cuts have been inadvertently removed and the PE cuts are gone from the drawer box.
Put the drawers in a month later it and up until now not really checking if the part editor cuts are still there.
It explains the random drawer sets that have lost their PE cuts.

Pro tip. :joker: Check your drawer boxes haven't lost their PE cuts before you cut a job. :joker:

Hope this helps some one else :D
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