I'm new user with questions

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frank zangari
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I'm new user with questions

Post by frank zangari »

I'm a new user on e cabinets and have some questions.

1. I changed my custom layout plan and noticed it did not change on the drawings automatically. Is this how it works? You have to bring in the new plan on to the drawings if you make that change on the layout?

2. I also noticed that you have to dimension these layouts on the drawings and not on the layouts. Why do I have to dimension at all if these cabinets are a certain width anyway, shouldn't the dimensions come up automatically?

3. Shouldn't you able to select the cabinet and the dimension comes up automatically on the drawing? (Not talking about that bubble that comes up with the information and goes away) On my turbocad software you can click on the line and get an automatic dimension that comes up.

I'm sure I will have more questions later as I get into this.
thank you in advance for any info.
Kerry Fullington
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Re: I'm new user with questions

Post by Kerry Fullington »

Hey Frank,

The Line Drawing Editor is not dynamic so if you make changes in Custom Layout they will not be reflected in your line drawings. You will need to your layout, elevation or cabinet drawing back into the line drawing each time you make changes.

For Layout and Elevation Views that you take to the Line Drawing Editor, you can select that view in the editor, right click and choose Auto Dimension. The software will then add certain dimensions but for me, it never got all dimensions I wanted and it is not very good at placing the dimensions to make them easy to read so you need to move them around. I add dimensions manually. Auto Dimension does not work for just cabinets that you bring into the line drawing editor.

In Custom Layout, There is just the bubble for dimensions when you mouse over a cabinet.
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