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Job level interface provides the simplest possible way of connecting cabinet design software to a CNC router. Instead of trying to develop actual CNC programs in the design software (which is often complex and difficult, since programs must be precisely tailored to the nuances of each CNC machine), the Job Level Interface instead sends a description of what you want to make to the machine control. The control automatically nests the parts and creates the required CNC programs, automatically taking into account all the detail operating characteristics of the machine. Then the control guides the operator through the job, step by step.


  • You can send the exact same job to any machine and you get the same parts, even though the machines may differ markedly from each other and may run the job differently. With traditional CNC programs working at the part level, you, and not the control, must precisely modify each program for each machine. It’s not automatic and errors are common.

  • There is but a single file for the entire job. Working at the part level, there is a program for each nested sheet and another for each part that requires a flip operation. A single job can be dozens or hundreds of programs instead of one.

  • Job Level Interface gives you the ability to quickly and easily incorporate material left from earlier jobs. A bar code label is printed for any material large enough to re-use. When you start a new job, scan the bar code and the control automatically nests parts on the material, then uses full sheets and then prints labels for any material remaining. While this may be “technically” possible at the part level, it has proven to be totally impractical in the real world. Most just scrap this material.

  • When a part gets damaged or scrapped, with Job Level Interface you just run a replacement part or add it to the next job, right at the machine control. Working at the part level means you must return to the office, fire up the design software, create a new program to make the replacement part, send it to the machine and then finally run it.

The Bottom Line

Job Level Interface means simpler, easier operation resulting in higher productivity and lower part cost, better yield, since you can reuse material from earlier jobs, easy replacement of damaged parts and total flexibility when working with more than one machine. Thermwood is the only machine that currently supports Job Level Interface.

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