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Thermwood Corporation was established in 1969 as a plastic molder of wood grained parts for the furniture industry, hence the name “Thermwood”. From the beginning Thermwood incorporated a high level of technology in its business.

For example, to mold its plastic parts Thermwood developed a unique molding process and much of the plastic molding and trimming machinery Thermwood used was designed and built in-house. Thermwood CorporationIn the mid-1970s, it developed the first commercial CNC machine tool control and used it to build machinery to trim its plastic parts. Thermwood began selling this trim equipment for plastics, composites and woodworking applications and the CNC router was born. Thermwood is currently the oldest CNC router company and continues to offer products for the woodworking, aerospace, plastics and composites industries. In addition to numerous applications in the wood, furniture and cabinet industries, Thermwood machines have also been used to process a wide variety of well-known products.
The interiors of most commercial jet airliners are processed on Thermwood machines, as are many helicopter blades, structural parts for military aircraft and tile underlayment for the space shuttle. Thermwood machines produce parts from bowling alleys to bicycle helmets, spas, motorcycle parts to truck bodies. Many of the sets on Broadway were built on Thermwood machines, as were sets for movies such as Batman, Jurassic Park 3 and the latest Star Wars. Thermwood machines helped rebuild both Windsor Castle and the Opera House in London. Even NASA has used Thermwood machines to build the Mars Flyer and Mars Lander.
Virtual ServiceThermwood is deeply involved in CNC technology and technology development, incorporating a high level of next generation control technology in its products. It remains the only major CNC router company in the world that designs and builds its own high-end CNC control and has more patents on CNC router technology than all other CNC router manufacturers combined. Thermwood’s control has become a world-wide standard in certain aerospace and defense applications.

Products and Services:eCabinet Systems

Thermwood develops, manufacturers and distributes technology based products and software for the manufacturing sector. We primarily target the woodworking, aerospace, molding, plastics and composites industries but also supply products and services to a variety of other industries from boating and entertainment to medical.
Our primary manufacturered products are based around CNC routers. In this area we provide a diverse product offering including machines, hardware, tooling, software, components, materials and a variety of services. Products with major engineering content, such as CNC machines are sold through a dealer network. Thermwood dealers generally only represent Thermwood products and most have been with Thermwood for ten to twenty years, assuring both knowledge and experience.
Thermwood also manages a cooperative of over 25,000 custom cabinet shops called eCabinet Systems. We supply these shops with advanced cabinet design and room layout software for free.
Formal technical training is another product Thermwood offers and, in addition to training seminars held around the US each year we also maintain a modern educational facility where we provide formal training for our products, third-party software products and advanced manufacturing technology.


Thermwood CorporationThermwood corporate headquarters are located in the Southern Indiana town of Dale, just off Interstate 64 about half way between Evansville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Our main facility consists of 175,000 square feet which includes both an office/showroom and an engineering and manufacturing plant. A second building located approximately one mile North houses software development personnel. Thermwood also operates a service and support office located in the North of England in County Durham.
The Office/Showroom is a 20,400 square foot two story office building that consists of executive offices, four high-tech formal training class rooms, two dining rooms, meeting and conference rooms and a combination showroom and customer demonstration facility. This building also houses Thermwood’s IT center which includes extensive web servers and worldwide corporate network hardware.
Thermwood CorporationThe modern manufacturing facility houses various industrial processes from steel cutting, bending, forming and welding to electronic board assembly and CNC control manufacturing. Thermwood builds the vast majority of every system in-house and uses a variety of advanced manufacturing techniques including finite element analysis, vibration stress relief and three-dimensional laser interferometers. Every process is controlled using highly integrated manufacturing software and the factory runs virtually “paperless”. In addition to manufacturing processes, the main plant also houses design engineering, customer support and technical service including the “virtual service” link centers.

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