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The Simplest, Easiest, Fastest way to make Cabinets and Closets….
…or any other Nested Based Products

Thermwood offers complete systems for nested based manufacturing of cabinets, closets and other products made from sheet stock. Thermwood’s unique approach results in systems that are highly productive, extremely easy to use, yet are among the lowest cost.

Thermwood’s advanced Gen2 SuperControl  is the element that separates Thermwood’s nested based systems from every other. It automatically performs complex technical functions that otherwise require technical skill, extensive training and programming time. This makes Thermwood’s nested based systems the fastest, simplest and easiest to use. The system functions at three levels:

Can I Afford This?

Small custom shops often ask this. A properly equipped CabinetShop 43 costs between $8 and $8.50 an hour*, not much over minimum wage. Nested based systems commonly double, triple or quadruple productivity so the question is, would you hire an employee for just over minimum wage that could double, triple or quadruple productivity of your entire shop?

*based on CS43-510, Handheld Programmer, 18HP Vacuum Pump,
7 Additional Tool Holders, and Installation on a 72 month lease.

Level One - QuickCut

At the simplest level, called “QuickCut, everything is done at the machine. There is no need for external computers, design software, programming, networks or extensive software training. The operator simply selects and resizes the cabinet or closets from a library and then runs them, all right at the machine. Libraries are extended or customized through a programming service. This is by far the easiest way to make nested based products.

Level Two - Job Level Output

The next level works with cabinet design software, but in a way that is much easier than possible with other CNC systems. Instead of creating and customizing CNC programs in the software, then sending a multitude of files to the machine to be sorted and run, Thermwood works at the job level. This means a single file that describes what you want to make is sent from the software to the machine. Just one file, regardless of how complex the job. The machine control determines the parts to be made, nests them and creates the required CNC programs, and it does all this automatically. It then guides the operator through the production cycle, step by step. This is by far the simplest way to run jobs originating in design software and offers operating advantages that both improve productivity and increase yield.

Job Level Output to Thermwood’s nested based system is available from major design software packages including 20-20 Technologies, Cabinetvision, Cabinetware, KCDw, Microvellum as well as Thermwood’s free software package, eCabinet Systems.

Level Three - CNC Part Level

Finally, Thermwood’s systems work at the CNC part level like any other CNC system, executing individual CNC programs output from a design software package. Although this is the most familiar practice in the industry, it is not recommended because it requires specialized training and more technical effort, and is slower and less productive at the machine. The only possible reason to operate at this level is if the design software you use does not support Job Level output.

Thermwood offers nested based machines in various sizes and configurations tailored to the needs of everyone from small custom shops to large production operations. Regardless of the environment, Thermwood’s nested based systems are easier to use and more productive.

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