Custom CNC Programming

Thermwood offers custom CNC programming and/or production assistance for Thermwood Routers. This service is available both at your facility and also from our headquarters in Dale, IN. This is a valuable resource to help get you going on a project quickly, and can also allow you to tackle more advanced projects without a lot of programming time.

In-House (At Thermwood) Custom Programming:

In-House Custom Programming is designed to help the customer from Thermwood’s Dale, IN facility. It allows an experienced programming tech. with access to multiple programming tools and other experienced personnel, to quickly provide the customer with CNC programming that meets their specific needs. Additional phone support to help get machine and programming correctly setup are also included with this service. 

On-Site Production Assistance:

On-Site Production Assistance is designed to help the customer get the Thermwood CNC machine into production as quickly as possible and running at its optimum performance. A qualified Thermwood Software Support technician will travel to the production facility and assist machine owner with developing and implementing CNC programming to meet production needs. 

Examples of Custom Programming:

  • Utilize CAD/CAM to create NC code for both 3 and 5 axis machinery, to machine Moulds & Fixtures. 
  • Utilize CAD/CAM to create NC code used to trim Thermoformed parts. 
  • Create programming applications using AFL (Advanced Function Language) to make control operation more automated.
  • Setup DXF files for usage with Thermwood's Control Nesting software.

For more information and to receive a price quote, please contact us at:


Phone: 1-800-221-3865 (option 3)