Training Facilities

Training at Thermwood is conducted in a modern, comfortable and well equipped center devoted specifically to educating our customers. This is, by far, the fastest and most efficient way to learn. Over the years, Thermwood has experienced the ups and downs of training at the customer's facility, the interruptions and distractions, not to mention the lack of classroom facilities and equipment. It just doesn’t work very well. At Thermwood, the atmosphere contributes to the learning experience. Each classroom is setup specifically for the course being taught.
Thermwood Customer Machine TrainingOur machine operator/programmer courses are located adjacent to the machine training lab, where student complete the prescribed projects on a specific training machine utilized only for training purposes. Our application software classes are conducted in a classroom with state-of-art computer equipment. Then when it comes time for practical applications on a full sized machine, Thermwood's training lab is equipped with a CabinetShop 45 outfitted with all major options and features. Real production type parts are cut. What a confidence builder!
Our maintenance classes are conducted on real machines not a simulator or carcass. The student receives a real hands-on look at a Thermwood, so be prepared to get your hands dirty!


Thermwood Customer Lounge


Thermwood also has a customer lounge and workstation available for use during your training at our facility. This comfortable area features free:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phones
  • Daily Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Lounge area with plenty of seating and satellite-equipped large flat-screen tv for your use.


Training is vital to success.A CNC router is a powerful, powerful manufacturing tool capable of increasing productivity, building unique products and changing the course of a business but like any tool, it only as good as the craftsman using it. The skills needed to efficiently program and operate a modern CNC router are best learned in a well equipped, formal training environment with plenty of hands-on experience. This is the type of training Thermwood offers for its entire line of products.
Having trained thousands of CNC operators and programmers, Thermwood has built its curriculum on experience. Our staff is dedicated to creating a relaxed, yet effective learning environment. One that will minimize stress, yet maximize results.



Thermwood offers the best atmosphere to learn.Again, the skills needed to efficiently program and operate a modern CNC router are best learned in a well equipped, formal training environment with plenty of hands-on experience. In the quiet solitude of the hills of southern Indiana, Thermwood can provide a variety of uninterrupted training courses that have been tailored for either the machine or application software that your company has purchased.
Our "Basic 3 Axis and 5 Axis Operator/Programmer" courses provide the cornerstone for you to build-on. Utilizing a building block concept, our instructors present the fundamentals of a programming concept in a controlled classroom environment and then demonstrate the concept on a CNC machine in a training lab environment. The demonstration is an interactive process where the student shares in the step-by-step presentation.
Upon conclusion of the presentation, students proceed to one of six training machines to re-enact the lesson. This method of instruction immerses the student in each concept using three separate events and offers opportunities for the student to participate, understand, and incorporate the lesson into a working, rather than conceptual program. The student not only gains the ability to operate the router, but can diagnose, edit, and improve the program.
As parts get more complex with emphasis on just-in-time deliveries or reducing turn-around-time, application software continually develops to meet the needs. Thermwood has collaborated with several software vendors to provide software training in-tune with the application focused on how it works with a Thermwood CNC router.
Offering three Maintenance Training Courses, Thermwood covers it all, from preventative maintenance to electrical and mechanical troubleshooting to machine alignments. These courses assist you in better understanding the mechanics of the equipment, which will ultimately reduce unscheduled maintenance events and greatly facilitate in a diagnosis should a need arises.


3 Axis Machine Operation and Programming ( 5 days ) More Info 
5 Axis Machine Operation and Programming ( 5 days ) More Info

Please Contact Daniel Vonderheide, Thermwood's Training Manager, at 1-800-221-3865 Option 5
for more information.