Why Buy Software From Thermwood?

A huge variety of software is available from numerous sources. Why should you buy your software from Thermwood instead of a local distributor?
It's a valid question, especially since many of the software distributors selling commodity packages offer discounts and Thermwood does not. We believe that Thermwood is your best source for software products for the following reasons:

1. Thermwood understands the application.

Your local software salesman may understand the software package but it is highly unlikely that he understands your application and even less likely he understands the machine you plan to work with. Thermwood knows how the package works with our machines. We know what you can and can’t do with it and we know how to configure it. This experience will soften the steep learning curve common with new software packages and will likely save you far more than any discount you might get from a local software salesman.

2. We've solved the integration problems.

Installing a software package on a computer system requires proper configuration and installation. Getting that system to work with a CNC control also requires configuration and integration. Thermwood has already done this work for the packages it offers so you don’t have to.

3. Our integrated training.

A third party software vendor can train you on their software package, but they are normally not experts on the Thermwood control and cannot teach you the intricacies of how the software and control work together. This information is normally available only from Thermwood.

4. Thermwood software support.

Thermwood can provide support for the software package, the control and, most important the operation of the two together. Support for the use of a software package with Thermwood’s control is only available if the software package was also purchased from Thermwood, otherwise you must turn to your local software salesman.

5. Multi-package integration.

Sometimes the best package is not a single package but several software packages available from several different vendors. These packages must work together and work with Thermwood’s control. It is highly unlikely that your local software vendor will know the proper packages, or that he will just happen to represent exactly what you need, or that he will know how to make them work together for your application.

6. Professional evaluation.

Many software vendors routinely send Thermwood their new software products for evaluation. We are in a unique position to know which products are best for our customers, which work properly and which don’t. There are literally thousands of programs being offered to our customers but unless they purchase each to test it, it will be difficult for them to know what is best. When you purchase software from Thermwood you know we have fully evaluated it, it works and we have selected it from the multitude of products clamoring for your business.