High-performance three axis for nested-based custom cabinets, custom furniture and support products


High-performance three axis made from fully stress-relieved structured steel for nested-based custom cabinets, custom furniture and support products.
Available Table Sizes:
4'x'8', 5'x10', 5'x12', 5'x20'


  • 12 HP HSD Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM)
  • 11 Position Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer
  • Fixed Steel High Flow Table with Moving Gantry
  • Universal Vacuum 1 or 2 Zone(s)
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement
  • Three-Dimensional Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
  • Control Nesting
  • Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  • QCore SuperControl
  • Machine Training and Installation
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Machine Standard Features

  • 12 HP (9kw) Spindle

    12 HP (9kw) Spindle

    A direct driven spindle with a speed range up to 24,000 RPM.  The high-frequency spindle is cooled with an electric fan for quieter running and contains ceramic bearings for longer life and for less maintenance.  The 12 HP (9kw) spindle provides the user with a heavy duty, precision spindle which provides high performance and reliability. Standard

  • Pop-Up Pins

    Pop-Up Pins

    Guides mounted to the table perimeter for locating sheets of material.  They are flipped to the up position to lacate the material and then retracted to clear during the machining cycle. Standard

  • Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer

    Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer

    Mounts behind the rear of the table and holds the tapered tool holders.  When the program calls for a tool change, the head moves back and places the tool into an empty space, it then moves over and picks up the appropriate tool, and then continues the program. Standard

  • Automatic Tool Length Sensor

    Automatic Tool Length Sensor

    Provides an automatic method of measuring tool length and entering tool length offset numbers into the control.  This automatically compensates for the new tool length, eliminating the need to precisely locate the cutter bit.  It provides a highly accurate method of adjusting tool length for pocketing or profile edges. Standard

  • Volumetric Laser Compensated Axis Alignment

    Volumetric Laser Compensated Axis Alignment

    The machine is calibrated in all axes using a three-dimensional volumetric laser interferometer. This type of calibration is the most sophisticated and most accurate available today resulting in machines that are extremely accurate. Others may use single axis calibration (not nearly as good) and others may not calibrate at all. Uncalibrated machines can generate dimensional errors that can become a real problem. Standard

    • QCore SuperControl

      QCore SuperControl

      The Thermwood QCore SuperControl is a feature rich, high performance CNC control system. Thermwood, the only major CNC router manufacturer that designs and builds its own CNC control, is a leader in implementing advanced control technology. As a result, Thermwood has been granted more patents on CNC router technology than all other CNC router manufactures in the world, combined. Standard

    • Control Nesting

      Control Nesting

      A user-friendly nesting package integrated into the Thermwood control to nest various parts into sheet stock, thus creating a better yield. Also accepts layered DXF files.  Standard

    • Machine Training

      Machine Training

      We are by your side during your 5 Day training course at our modern, state of the art center (devoted specifically to educating our customers). This is, by far, the fastest and most efficient way to learn. Our machine operator/programmer courses are located adjacent to the machine training lab, where students complete the prescribed projects on a specific training machine utilized only for training purposes. Then, when it comes time for practical applications on a full sized machine, Thermwood's training lab is equipped with a CabinetShop 45 outfitted with all major options and features. Real production-type parts are cut. What a confidence builder!  Standard

    Machine Options

    • Unload Rake System

      Unload Rake System

      This system is mounted directly to the side of the spindle.  After the trimming process is complete, the machine head moves to the back of the machine and the rake is lowered.  The rake then pushes the finished product off the front of the machine to a sorting table Optional

    • Personal Pause Button

      Personal Pause Button

      Thermwood has developed a remote wireless "Pause Button" which can be clipped to a belt or pocket.  Pressing this button stops the machine in place. Optional

    • Pause Mats

      Pause Mats

      Placed around the front perimeter of the machine.  Once the mat is stepped on, the machine will stop operation. Optional

    • Automatic Labeler

      Automatic Labeler

      Prints black and white labels for the nested program and automatically labels the material prior to machining. The printer is located next to the machine and the labeler is mounted on the machining head. Optional

    • Vacuum Pump

      Vacuum Pump

      Universal Vacuum System is a unique method for holding panels to the table top for machining.  A sheet of particleboard or low density MDF is used as a work surface on the top fo the table.  The high flow pump vacuums through the work surface, holding the part to the table.  Pumps are available as 15HP (11kw).  Conventional vacuum also available. Optional

    • Custom Colors

      Custom Colors

      The Model 43 is available with any of five accent colors on the transparent tooling shield and control side panel.  A sheet metal control side panel (in painted machine color) is also available in place of the accent-colored control side panel. Optional

    • Automatic Lubrication

      Automatic Lubrication

      Provides positive pressure, air/oil lubrication to the linear trackway bearings and the ball screws  This has two major benefits:  First, it eliminates the lubrication points which must be servided each shift.  Second, it provides positive pressure to the bearing, preventing contamination from entering the bearing.  This allows the machine to function in difficult, dusty or hostile environments. Optional


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