Thermwood Video Showcase

Model 43

CabinetShop 43 4'x8' shown

Entry level three axis for nested-based custom cabinets, custom furniture and support products

Thermwood Model 43 Label/Cut/Unload - Full Sequence

Thermwood CabinetShop 43 Import DXF/Create CNC Program

Thermwood Model 43 Unload

Thermwood Model 43 - Solution for Nested Based Cabinet Production

Thermwood Model 43 with Auto Labeling

Thermwood Model 43 5'x10' with Auto Unload System

Thermwood Model 43 Machining Small Parts in UHMW

Thermwood Model 43 Machining Acryllic and Plastic Sheets

Thermwood Model 43 - Smart Routers Machine a Profile Edge Without a Profile Tool

Model 43 - Smart Routers Allow You To Machine Back Side Operations on the Full Sheet

Thermwood Model 43 - Recover From Broken Tools Without Scrapping Material

Thermwood Model 43 - Smart Routers Easily Use Material From the Last Job

Thermwood CabinetShop 43 Making a Dovetail Drawer Box

Thermwood Model 43 Modeling MDF Doors

Thermwood CabinetShop 43 Carving Applications

Thermwood CabinetShop 43 Cabinet Cutting

Model 45

Model 45 5'x10' shown

Heavy-duty three axis designed for nested-based production. Available in either single or dual spindles with optional rotary axis.

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Foam Board

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Variety of Rubber with Oscillating Knife

Thermwood Model 45 with Benz Oscillating Knife Machining Foam

Thermwood Model 45 with Reciprocating Knife Machining a Variety of Materials

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Aluminum Sign

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Aluminum Blank

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining An Aluminum Pyramid

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Plastic Sheet (HDPE)

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining UHMW and Nylon

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Phenolic Sheet

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Machining Small Plastic Parts with Hi-Flow Vacuum

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Cabinet Cutting

Thermwood Model 45 5'x10' Solid Wood Projects

Thermwood Model 45 with Nemi Pod System Machining Poplar Hardwood Door

Machining Various Chair Components on a Thermwood Model 45

Thermwood Model 45 Machining MDF Doors

Thermwood Model 45 Machining A Pattern

Model 53

Model 53 5'x20' shown

Moving gantry, fixed table, three-axis CNC router designed for the routing and stack machining of large sheet materials such as hardwoods, softwoods, fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plastics and aluminum.

Thermwood Model 53 (FrameBuilder) 5'x10' with Auto Load/Unload

Thermwood Model 53 (FrameBuilder) 5'x20' With Roller Hold Down

Model 63

Model 63 5'x20' shown

Large bed three axis CNC router with moving bridge & stationary table designed for two dimensional machining of large composite parts & three dimensional patterns.

Thermwood Model 63 5'x45' Machining Aluminum

Cut Center

Cut Ready Cut Center 5'x10' shown

Award winning machine for custom cabinets, closets, furniture and much more with No Programming!

Cut Center Impressions - AUM Wood Products

Cut Center Impressions - Timberwood Properties

Cut Center Impressions - Original Woodworking

Cut Center Impressions - Byrne Custom Woodworking

Cut Center Impressions - Bednark Inc.

Cut Center Impressions - Arkansas Wood Doors

Learn How Simple it is to Machine a Cabinet Job on the Cut Ready Cut Center

How to Design a Cabinet and Add it to the Job in Cut Ready

Take a Tour of the Cut Ready Cut Center

What is the Difference Between a Cut Center and a CNC Router?

Cut Ready by Thermwood

About the Cut Center

Thermwood Cut Center Cuts Capabilities

Thermwood Cut Center Mobile App

Thermwood Cut Center Virtual Demo - Machining a Mitered Box

Thermwood Cut Center MDF Doors with Profile Tooling

Thermwood Cut Ready Publisher

Thermwood Cut Center Machining MDF Doors - Clip

Thermwood Cut Center Stair Stringers

Thermwood Cut Center Machining Bedroom Set

Thermwood Cut Center Making Cabinets

Thermwood Cut Center Machining Conference Room Desks

Thermwood Cut Center Machining Display Cabinet

Thermwood Cut Center Flipper in Action


MTR 30 Dual Table 5'x10' shown

Complete three axis CNC routing systems with single or dual in-line tables for nested base, composite or plastic sheet material.

Thermwood MTR 30-DT Three Axis Machining Center


AutoProcessor 43 5'x10' shown

High-throughput automatic load/unload nested based production of cabinets, closets and custom furniture.

Thermwood AutoProcessor 43 5'x10' CNC Router


FrameBuilder 48 4'x8' shown

Moving gantry, fixed 4'x8' table, with 4-roller hold down, three-axis CNC router. Designed for routing and stack machining of large sheet material such as fiberboard (MDF), particleboard and plywood.

Thermwood FrameBuilder 48 4'x8' Demo


Thermwood FrameBuilder 48 4'x8'

Thermwood FrameBuilder 53 5'x10' with Auto load/unload

Thermwood FrameBuilder 53 5'x20' with Auto Unload


Thermwood APM 6'x10' shown

Designed for quick panel insertion for the aerospace and satellite industries

Thermwood APM - Automatic Panel Machine

Model 67

Model 67 Dual Table 5'x10'

Entry level five axis available with either single or dual moving aluminum tables.

Thermwood Model 67 Large Scuptures at John Cox's Creature Workshop

Thermwood Model 67 5 Axis CNC Trimming Plastic

Thermwood Model 67 Gantry Leg Tool Changer

Model 90

Model 90 Dual Table 5'x12' shown

Heavy-duty, high-speed trimming and pattern machining, available in single or dual moving aluminum tables

Model 90 5'x5' 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Medium Density Foam Tray

Thermwood Model 90 Machining Bust in Low-Density Foam

Thermwood Model 90 Modeling Foam and RenShape

Thermwood Model 90 Modeling Foam

Thermwood Model 90 Dual Table 5'x5' CNC Router Cutting HD Foam

Take a Tour of the Thermwood 5 Axis Model 90

Model 90 5'x5' 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Component

Thermwood Model 90 Dual Table 5'x'5 Machining Honeycomb

Thermwood Model 90 10'x5' 5 Axis with 10 Position Automatic Rotary Tool Changer

Thermwood 5 Axis Model 90 Dual Table 5'x5' Machining Aluminum

Thermwood Mastercam Solidworks Walkthrough Machining Aluminum Shield on 5 Axis Model 90

Thermwood 5 Axis Model 90 Dual Table 5'x5' Aluminum Machining

Model 90 5'x'5 5 Axis Plastic Trimming

Machining a bar stool seat bottom on a Thermwood Model 90

Model 90 5 Axis CNC Machining Pattern

Model 70

Model 70 10'x20' shown

Designed for aerospace and composite applications utilizing large/heavy fixtures

5 Axis Demonstrations

Thermwood Model 70 10 Position Rotary Automatic Tool Changer

Thermwood Model 70 Continuous C-Axis Rotation Modeling

Model 77

Model 77 10'x10' with Canopy Shown

Heavy-duty, high-speed contained system for the machining of large aerospace and composite materials.

Thermwood Model 77 10'x10' CNC Machining

Thermwood Model 77 10'x10' CNC Machining Center

Thermwood Model 77 10'x10' Composite Video

Thermwood Model 77 5 Axis Pattern/Modeling RenShape

Thermwood Model 77 10'x10' 5 Axis CNC Router

Thermwood Model 77 5 Axis Motions

Thermwood Model 77 10'x10' CNC Machinine Carbon Fiber


Thermwood LSAM 10'x20' - Large Scale Additive Manufacturing System

Large industrial additive manufacturing machines that print and trim on the same machine.


Al Davis Memorial Torch at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.
The World's Largest 3D Printed Structure - Dimensional Innovations.
Made on an LSAM 1020
More Info on the Project

Thermwood Adds Angle Layer Printing to its LSAM Large Scale Additive Systems


Announcing the Thermwood LSAM Additive Printer

Take a Tour of the Thermwood LSAM

Thermwood and General Atomics Partner on Additive Tool with Significant Cost Savings

Thermwood LSAM MT VLP (Vertical Layer Printing) High Temperature Demonstration

Thermwood LSAM 1020 printing a Multi-Piece Foundry Pattern

Thermwood Introduces the LSAM MT

Thermwood and Bell 3D Print Helicopter Blade Mold

Thermwood LSAM 60mm Melt Core Initial Testing - ABS

Thermwood Validates Direct Additive Manufacturing of Yacht Hull Molds

Thermwood LSAM 3D Printed Unclassified Scale Nose of a Submarine for the US Navy

Boeing 777X Aerospace Trim Fixture via Thermwood LSAM Vertical Layer Printing

Thermwood LSAM 3D Printed Boat Hull Pattern

Thermwood 10'x20' LSAM Printing Walkthrough (Facebook Live)

Thermwood LSAM 10'x10'

Thermwood LSAM 10'x10' 3D Printing Two Parts Simultaneously

Thermwood LSAM Time-Lapse Video 3D Printing and Trimming Mold

Short Clip of Thermwood LSAM 3D Printing and Trimming Four Parts at Once

Thermwood LSAM Thermographic Camera

Thermwood at AWFS 2017

Three Generations of Thermwood CNC Routers in Action!