Panelmetrix is a door and drawer panel generating system. The Panelmetrix program consists of various “geometry templates” to produce virtually any style of door and drawer. Panelmetrix allows the entire days orders to be entered via it’s easy to use interface. It then creates an optimized program to machine the complete batch out of MDF sheets. A secondary program is created to machine the backs of windowed panels after the finishing process. The Panelmetrix program optimizes material and tool operations.

PanelMetrix Base:

Top/Bottom Depth References.

Twenty (20) Base Door Geometries - Slab, Classic, Roman, Sun-Rise, Santa Fe, Half-Arc, V-Line, Country, Heartbeat, Ripple, In-Corner, Cathedral, Diamond Corner, Chamfer Corner, Shaker Classic, Shaker Roman, Shaker In-Corner, Shaker Cathedral, Shaker Chamfer, Italia.

The following items are definable by the user and allow for the creation of a virtually unlimited number of variations built on the Base Door Geometries -

  • Depths and Offsets in Tool/Operation groups definable by user.
  • Rail and stile dimensions definable by user.
  • Arc Height definable by user. (where applicable)
  • Window Spacing (mullion width) definable by user.
  • Various other parameters definable and/or adjustable by user. (where applicable)
  • Square Cornering with Beveled Tools.
  • Top/Bottom Depth References.
  • Finish Thickness Compensation.
  • Alternate Square Edge Cuts.
  • Variable Panel Optimization Spacing. (based on Outside Profiles)
  • Inch/mm Dimension Order Entry.
  • Exterior Corner Rounding.
  • Redo's and Redo Optimization Priority.
  • Multi-Sheet Job Optimization. (Multiple Jobs per Batch.)
  • Multi-Phase Optimization
  • Batch Management for Production and Development.

PanelMetrix Options:

Windows & Back Machining

  • Creates a secondary NC file with appropriate procedures for the machining of the backs of windowed/mullion doors. (All applicable door styles.)
  • The code produced is not merely a large pocketing routine, but rather specific operations that trim the opening, clear behind the mullions and sizes the overall opening.
  • The routines will perform a two-step process in order to produce a smooth finish.
  • Secondary "clear up" pass available to minimize corner radii.
  • Secondary T-Grooving pass available to create undercut groove for glass retaining "Gasket".

Multi-Panel Option

Allows the user to create larger panels made up of multiple doors styles with control over sizes, spacing and adjustments of rail and stile widths.

  • Up to six (6) segments in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Calculates and generates appropriate NC code for back machining of embedded windowed doors, if the Windows & Back Machining Option is enabled.

Valences and Wine Racks

  • Circle, Square, Diamond and Octagon Wine Racks.
  • Fixed and automatic calculations.
  • Linear and staggered patterns.
  • Roman, Cathedral, Colonial, Peak and Step Valences.

Extras Pack

  • Client Tracking.
  • Faux-5-Piece Details.
  • Sample Door Automated Sheet Optimization.

Updates, Training and Support

  • Updates - Update to the latest version of your product and options.
  • Support - Yearly support includes free phone support, regular interim updates and yearly major updates.
  • Training - On-Site Training and Integration. (Travel Expenses extra.)
  • 2-4 days training recommended depending on options selected. Integration is carried out during the training sessions. Client is responsible to have appropriate tooling available and the CNC router must be available for tests.

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