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Smart Router - Your Best Investment

Thermwood was at the forefront of Nested Based Manufacturing when it first developed. Thermwood is again at the forefront of what looks to be the next revolution in Nested Based Manufacturing, applying today’s “smart” technology to make it both easier to use and substantially more profitable.

Smart router technology doesn’t focus on just the machine, but instead focuses on everything. The smart router doesn’t just execute programs, it doesn’t just move, it actually knows the job it is doing and it knows how to do the job efficiently. It supports you in ways no ordinary router can. It focuses on areas where most of your money is spent, because that is where most can be saved. When we talk about smart-router savings, we aren’t talking about small sums.

Smart-router savings are substantial, even for smaller shops. Today you can buy nested based routers a lot cheaper than a Thermwood smart-router but, if it costs you tens of thousands of dollars a year more to run, is it really cheaper?

You can learn more about smart-router technology Here and if you want to know precisely how much this new approach will save you, contact us and we will sit down with you and figure it out in detail.


Which Approach is Better?

There are two approaches to nested based manufacturing, ordinary CNC routers or smart-routers from Thermwood:

The ordinary router itself will cost less, but you also need software. If you don’t already have suitable software, a good package will increase your cost by 50% or more. Thermwood’s eCabinet Systems is powerful cabinet design software already used by thousands of shops, and it’s free. With Thermwood, all you pay for is the machine.

The ordinary router plus new software will probably cost as much, or more, than a Thermwood smart-router. The ordinary router will also cost you tens of thousands of dollars a year more in wasted material and labor, so even if you already have software, the ordinary router is still more expensive.

A smart-router will save you 5% in material cost and, at a minimum, another 1-2% in reduced or avoided scrap. How much is 6-7% of your annual material cost? In addition a smart-router will save you at least one full person’s labor and will likely produce 25% more from the labor you do use.

Please give us a call at 1-800-533-6901 and we will sit down and show you how all this happens, in detail.

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