Thermwood Software Group - Focused on Support!

In today’s modern, fast-moving manufacturing world, selecting the proper equipment and computer software to support that equipment is vital to your ability to survive and prosper. You have already selected the best manufacturing equipment by selecting Thermwood. Now comes the daunting task of locating, integrating, testing and de-bugging the software needed to support your specific application. This can be a difficult task, especially for companies that are not expert in computers and software. Again, Thermwood can help.
The Thermwood Software Technology Group is a sales and support group within Thermwood that focuses on software products that work with and enhance the operation of Thermwood CNC routers. Their goal is to offer to Thermwood customers the most effective software products for their specific application, smoothly integrated with Thermwood’s Control. You can be certain that software obtained from Thermwood will work properly with your Thermwood CNC router.
Some of the software products supported by the Software Technology Group were supplied with your machine at no additional cost. The DXF Translator and CADpath are two of those products. Other software products are written by Thermwood programmers to address specific application requirements. The remainder of the products are supplied to Thermwood by third party vendors, but we don’t simply buy the product and sell it to you.
Before we offer a software product, Thermwood software engineers work with the programmers that developed the package to make certain that the two systems work together properly. Integration problems, which are common when two different systems are mated, are resolved by modifying the software package, the control or both. We work with software vendors on extensive programs to make full use of the power of Thermwood’s control by integrating the use of special Thermwood features into the software product. The result is a combination of products that would be difficult or impossible for customers to develop themselves.
For those just starting, Thermwood can offer everything, the CNC router, the office computer system, the connecting network and the required software. This package is fully installed, configured and tested, and your people are trained in its proper use. The Software Technology Group even offers custom programming for special requirements.
The Thermwood Software Technology Group offers a wide variety of software and hardware products from simple low-cost programs to popular mid-range systems including CAD/CAM to the most awesome, powerful, and expensive, software systems available today. We offer products and solutions for almost every requirement and budget.

Contact Patrick Dauby, Thermwood's Software Product Manager, at 1-800-533-6901 for more information.