Residential and Commercial Construction Applications

Residential and Commercial Construction Applications by ThermwoodThermwood offers CNC routers that combine tooling flexibility, machining performance and large envelope size making them ideal for a wide variety of residential and commercial construction applications such as interior and exterior doors, windows, trim, railings and volutes, post and beam machining, etc. These applications demand solid, rigid, accurate systems. Thermwood machines address these demands because they are engineered structures, designed using the most advanced CAD/CAM and structural analysis. All weldments are fully stress relieved and the final machine is laser calibrated to assure accuracy, including three-dimensional volumetric compensation, a feature not available from any other system in this market.
Residential and Commercial Construction Applications by ThermwoodThermwood CNC routers utilize an advanced next generation CNC control and advanced networked, intelligent servo drives, a combination that offers valuable features that have a significant impact on productivity, throughput and profit. They can store and seamlessly execute massive CAD generated programs that choke lesser systems, making them ideal for this demanding task.
Thermwood offers total solutions including machines, support equipment, training, software and ongoing service and assistance.

Residential and Commercial Construction Machines





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